Logo-FoodieInQuebecCity_SarcelleHello and welcome to my blog. My name is Allison Van Rassel. I am a food columnist passionate about Québec, its local products and the people who create them.

I am the producer and host of Ça goûte bon dedicated to gourmet tourism. I am a regular contributor on many different radio and television programs on Canada’s public broadcaster, Radio-Canada. I have a monthly television column on Aubaines & cie on V, a weekly radio column on Radio-Canada cet après-midi and I collaborate regularly with various other publications like Magazine 1608, Ça va brasser and Québec City’s tourism office. I have also collaborated with world-renowned newspapers like the New York Times and New York Magazine.

You can always reach me foodiequebec(at)gmail.com.

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*Disclaimer: This site has copyrighted material and its use must be authorized by the owner, Allison Van Rassel. Note that the views expressed here are my own and do not represent those of my employer.

5 thoughts

  1. Fan de votre blog je veux vous parler d’une pizza a St-Augustin de Desmaures que je trouve excellente et aussi bonne que chez Nina sinon avec une pâte supérieure.La garnie et la margherita sont excellentes.Le tout chez Bonna pizza rue de l’Hetriere.J’avais le gout de partager cela avec vous.Merci

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