Hello, my name is Allison. Welcome to my blog Foodie Québec.

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What I love the most about food is eating it. And like anyone with a passion for eating good food, I love to cook. I can spend much time and great effort to find that one special ingredient with flavours that shine. Which is why I have the utmost respect for those who dedicate their lives to creating food; from the seed on up.

In season, I opt for local products. I am an advocate of the locavore philosophy. I willingly pay an extra dollar for organic and I buy from Quebec City’s farmer’s markets. Even though I love to eat, I most certainly care about what I eat and where it comes from.

As a food columnist, food takes a huge part of my life. Every trip I take, every product I taste, every dish I make, food follows me. Can you tell I have a musical mind? I see flavours as melodies for my palate. I’ve created soundtracks for restaurants, because after food and service, I believe music to be an important part of a gastronomic experience.

I travel for food, because flavours offer a privileged access to a people’s culture. With an open mind to a variety of cultures, through flavours, scents and ingredients, I contemplate beauty.

Quebec City is my home. It is where I grew up, the city I have turned back to from experiences in Toronto and Montreal. Ultimately, Quebec City is home where I have decided to settle down.

Watch my Foodie Guide to Québec City series HERE!

I love Quebec City’s timid character, an apprehensiveness where creative minds blossom. Its gastronomy isn’t an exception. It is one anchored in French traditions although influenced in the labour of love of its surrounding fertile soils: Portneuf, Beaupré, Île d’Orléans and Chaudière-Appalaches. Although our neighbours of the south mostly influence trends, the Nordic traditions of our First Nations dominate more and more Quebec City’s nouveau culinary identity.

With this blog, I speak to the curious at heart, the sensation seekers and culinary adventurers. I speak to those of you who dare to discover Quebec City by way of its artisans. Through the hands of those who dedicate their lives to creating remarkable food, I give you a “mouth-on” approach to Quebec City’s culinary culture. I share some of my foodie secrets, including specific dishes and chefs that make the greater Quebec City area shine. I offer you an insider’s view of these hard-to-find places that fuel my passion for Quebec City and its gastronomy.


“You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.” ― Julia Child

*Disclaimer: This site has copyrighted material and its use must be authorized by the owner. Note that the views expressed here are my own and do not represent those of my employer.

If you wish to collaborate in any way, email me foodiequebec @ gmail.com


  1. Rollande Couture

    Fan de votre blog je veux vous parler d’une pizza a St-Augustin de Desmaures que je trouve excellente et aussi bonne que chez Nina sinon avec une pâte supérieure.La garnie et la margherita sont excellentes.Le tout chez Bonna pizza rue de l’Hetriere.J’avais le gout de partager cela avec vous.Merci

  2. Stephen Adamian

    Hello Allison, I am an educator teaching a journalism class at CEGEP Saint Lawrence in Quebec City. I am trying to organize a round-table discussion regarding the future of journalism and am looking for local new media specialists. Would you be interested in participating?
    Best regards,
    Stephen Adamian

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