Hearty Comfort Food in Québec City

Winter is the best time of year to cozy up to comfort food. It warms our hearts and bring us that much closer together. From flavourful treats you crave to those that will literally help you get through winter, here are my favourite places to enjoy comfort-filled dishes in Québec City. Tora-ya Ramen A destination for authentic Japanese ramen and tsumami made with delicious combinations … Continue reading Hearty Comfort Food in Québec City

A Foodie Guide to Québec City Now Online

Foodie Québec’s food series A Foodie Guide to Québec City is now online! A Foodie Guide to Québec City takes you on a unique culinary journey of my favourite places in Québec City : restaurants, boutiques, coffee houses and bars where you’ll either enjoy a good meal, travel through flavours and relax with a cup of tea, coffee or cocktail. Québec City has the highest … Continue reading A Foodie Guide to Québec City Now Online

Quebec City’s Best Poutines

Snack Bar Saint-Jean Poutine is Québec’s national dish, whether we like it or not. Poutine is a highly caloric combination of fries, cheese and gravy. It is the Quebecois favourite comfort food where every génération has an opinion about quality. Its origins are debated (Victoriaville or Drummondville?), its ingredients questioned (It’s a heart attack on a plate !?!) and part of many-a-drunken adventures. Above all … Continue reading Quebec City’s Best Poutines

The Cruffin Takes Québec City by Storm

The Cruffin has finally made it to Québec City. And consumers are going head over heals for it!

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Gabrielle Rivard-Hiller’s New Maple-Infused Project

I am a fan of pastry artist Gabrielle Rivard-Hiller. The interest began after tasting her delectable pastries at the Au Pied de Cochon Sugar Shack in 2013.

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Craft Beer Webdoc Brewing Québec Now Online

As part of Foodie Québec’s 5th anniversary celebrations, Foodie Québec is launching Brewing Québec, the very first English-language web-documentary series highlighting the talent of some of Québec City’s best craft brewers.

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Québec City’s Geek Coffee House

  Québec City’s latest coffee house called Mayflower recently opened on Avenue Myrand in Ste-Foy and it just might be the geekiest coffee-centric place in town. Head coffee geeks behind the Mayflower are owners Louis Roy-Couture and Florence Lahoud-Douville, two young entrepreneurs in their 20s and …full-time students at Laval University!!! I use the word “geek” in a very positive way here. I’ve coffee crawled … Continue reading Québec City’s Geek Coffee House