A Foodie Guide to Québec City Now Online

Foodie Québec’s food series A Foodie Guide to Québec City is now online! A Foodie Guide to Québec City takes you on a unique culinary journey of my favourite places in Québec City : restaurants, boutiques, coffee houses and bars where you’ll either enjoy a good meal, travel through flavours and relax with a cup of tea, coffee or cocktail. Québec City has the highest … Continue reading A Foodie Guide to Québec City Now Online

Divine Saint-Amour

There are little culinary moments that I’ve lived that bring an immediate smile to my face. The Saint-Amour is now part of these moments. Le Saint-Amour’s experience was a grandiose moment for my taste buds. Lunch is the most financially suitable solution to indulging in a fine cuisine. Rarely do restaurants with the same prodigious reputation as the Saint-Amour offer lunch. In my opinion, it’s the best … Continue reading Divine Saint-Amour

RIP Coop des Grands Rangs and La Luncheonette

**Update June, 2014 The location has re-opened under a new name: Fromagerie des Grondines et ses amis. They sell relatively the same local products and also cook grilled cheese sandwiches. This time they are baked by NOrmand Lefebvre and his team from the Cafée Crak Grill-Cheese, previsouly located on the corner of 18th street and the 1st avenue in Limoilou. Less than two years after … Continue reading RIP Coop des Grands Rangs and La Luncheonette

FOOD FEST: Festival des fromagers artisans

Because I love cheese. Who doesn’t when the best cheese in the world is made right here in this beautiful province.

We drove down to La Pocatière which is about 1h30 from Quebec City on the 20 eastbound, we then parked at a 30-minute walk from the site (the road was blocked by firefighter trucks) and waited in line for TWO HOURS before we could get a snippet of a piece of cheese. All I’ll say is that the organizers didn’t expect that many visitors: 22,500 people showed up during the two-day event vs 5,000 from the previous edition. Quebecois love cheese! But I found one exceptional piece of cheese. Continue reading “FOOD FEST: Festival des fromagers artisans”

Limoilou’s La Planque

MenuLa Planque is Quebec City’s newest enfant chéri. Located in the heart of Limoilou, La Planque opened in the fall of 2012. I helped out a friend recently and in return I was offered a gift certificate for the restaurant. “Can’t wait to read what you think”, she kindly said. Catherine, encore merci infiniment.

La Planque is described as a hiding place, a hideaway if you like, where one leaves behind life’s worries in exchange for comfort through food and drinks.  In my words, La Planque is a place where Ray Lamontagne’s Trouble takes essence.

The restaurant is set-up as a hallway (long rectangle) of three distinctive atmospheres, but with the same soundtrack (I will come back to it later). You are greeted to a bar and long black velvet drapes that hide any possibility of light to filter from the outside. At first, the velvet felt imposing, even somewhat oppressive, but the warmth of the rustic wooden tables (maple?) and Stevie Wonder blasting out of the speakers quickly took the feeling away. The velvet doesn’t show up anywhere else in the restaurant. Baby, it’s cold outside! Continue reading “Limoilou’s La Planque”