Quebec City’s Best Poutines

Snack Bar Saint-Jean Poutine is Québec’s national dish, whether we like it or not. Poutine is a highly caloric combination of fries, cheese and gravy. It is the Quebecois favourite comfort food where every génération has an opinion about quality. Its origins are debated (Victoriaville or Drummondville?), its ingredients questioned (It’s a heart attack on a plate !?!) and part of many-a-drunken adventures. Above all … Continue reading Quebec City’s Best Poutines

Québec City Coffee Map

This is the most important map you’ll need during your visit to Québec City. Here is a list of independently owned and operated cafés that will have you smiling in no time. Whether you’re planing a day trip to Charlevoix, Portneuf or simply looking for the best cup of coffee near your downtown hotel, I’ve got you covered. No sponsors, just great coffee!       Continue reading Québec City Coffee Map

Succulent Burgers in Québec City

Here are some of my favourite places for a burger in Québec City. Burgers made by people who take extra special care in selecting high-quality ingredients, who take pride in establishing personal relationships with local producers and/or push the limits of their distributors in order to create the most flavourful burgers possible.

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Gourmet Hot Chocolate in Quebec City

Winter in Quebec City is picturesque, especially during evenings when big white snowflakes fall slowly from the sky. At that moment, it feels as though Mother Nature has created a sound proof environment where only the sole of your boots shrieking on the snow-covered sidewalks resonates.

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Where to eat during Festival d’été de Québec

When Quebec City’s Festival D’été is in full throttle, the city’s downtown core is bursting with music lovers from all over the world. But, no matter how good the music is, you’re stomach is bound to scream its desire for food. Fear not festival goers, Foodie in Quebec City has got you covered with a list of must-eats (and drink!) during Festival d’été de Québec. … Continue reading Where to eat during Festival d’été de Québec

Laurie Raphaël’s Urban Sugar Shack Brunch

Last year, a few restaurants and caterers in Quebec City decided to take the urban shack route. Only one had managed to wow my palate: the Laurie Raphaël. This year, LR is flying solo in the “urban sugar shack” adventure. Did the competition thrown in the towel over the impressive culinary #CabaneLR experience? An innovative menu for the young at heart The Laurie Raphaël team … Continue reading Laurie Raphaël’s Urban Sugar Shack Brunch

Dive into the Boreal Forest With Légende

The five-diamond CAA/AAA awarded team behind La Tanière has finally opened their long-anticipated, high-end bistro in the old port of Quebec City. Located at the beginning of the antiques sector of downtown Quebec City, Légende par La Tanière is a refined and unique culinary experience. It is at once one of the most creative and distinguished culinary experience I have had in Quebec City. Everything in the … Continue reading Dive into the Boreal Forest With Légende