Gourmet Hot Chocolate in Quebec City

Winter in Quebec City is picturesque, especially during evenings when big white snowflakes fall slowly from the sky. At that moment, it feels as though Mother Nature has created a sound proof environment where only the sole of your boots shrieking on the snow-covered sidewalks resonates.

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Café du Clocher Penché, a Must in Québec City

The Café du Clocher Penché cuisine best defines Québec City’s culinary landscape. Chef Mathieu Brisson is doing impeccable farm-to-table inside a friendly Saint-Roch bistro inspired by traditional French cuisine.

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Where to eat during Festival d’été de Québec

When Quebec City’s Festival D’été is in full throttle, the city’s downtown core is bursting with music lovers from all over the world. But, no matter how good the music is, you’re stomach is bound to scream its desire for food. Fear not festival goers, Foodie in Quebec City has got you covered with a list of must-eats (and drink!) during Festival d’été de Québec. … Continue reading Where to eat during Festival d’été de Québec

Neapolitan Heaven in Saint-Roch

Four years after their opening, the buzz around Nina Pizza Napolitaine in Saint-Roch hasn’t weakened for one second. Every day of the week, the restaurant is crawling with customers looking to get their hands on a slice of Québec City’s Neapolitan pizza heaven. Nina Pizza Napolitaine is owned and operated by two very passionate women: Peneloppe Lachapelle and Lucie Nadeau. Trained in New York City … Continue reading Neapolitan Heaven in Saint-Roch