Top 7 Coffee Houses in Québec City

“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.” ― Justina Chen Never underestimate the power of a great cup of coffee when travelling. Good enough just doesn’t make it. Thankfully for all you great coffee aficionados, the Third Wave Coffee movement is in full throttle in Quebec City! A movement where the coffee bean is considered an artisanal produce the same way one would consider wine or chocolate. It … Continue reading Top 7 Coffee Houses in Québec City

Chef Fisun Ercan’s Turkey in Montreal

When I started talking to my colleagues about my love for Sevtap Yüce’s cookbook, some asked where they could find a good Turkish restaurant in Québec City. Unfortunately, the answer is nowhere. There is though an excellent Greek restaurant called Mezzé in the Old-Port where the notion of small appetizers and familiar Mediterranean ingredients are used, but it resonates nothing near authentic Turkish cuisine. Let’s … Continue reading Chef Fisun Ercan’s Turkey in Montreal

REVIEW: Saint-Henri Micro-torréfacteur

Quebec city loves coffee, especially in the Saint-Roch neighbourhood. There, you’ll find at least five independent coffee houses, each located within steps of the world’s most recognized gaming industry headquarters. Fortuity? I think not. Third Wave coffee The Third Wave movement considers the coffee bean a refined product, giving it great attention in every step of its transformation; a coffee as prestigious as wine and … Continue reading REVIEW: Saint-Henri Micro-torréfacteur

REVIEW: Breakfast at Hobbit Bistro

Located in the heart of boho Faubourg Saint-Jean-Baptiste, The Hobbit Bistro is where I find both the perfect soundtrack and the perfect setting for an early morning breakfast. Its brick walls, leather seats and wooden tables set the tone of this unpretentious, down to earth neighbourhood bistro. I love its ambience, one where I imagine novelists come for inspiration or observe human behaviour. Just last weekend … Continue reading REVIEW: Breakfast at Hobbit Bistro

Introspective Monastère des Augustines

Have you ever been overwhelmed by emotion that you just couldn’t hold back your tears? Not sobbing or crying, but uncontrollable tears running down your cheeks. I have. I was recently taken aback by the harmonies of seven nuns signing in a chapel. It happened in the Coeur of the Monastère des Augustines at 7:36 on the morning of February 24, 2016. It was the … Continue reading Introspective Monastère des Augustines

Canada’s first seaweed-flavoured gin

Canada’s very first seaweed-flavoured gin will soon be made available to the public.  A distilled dry gin featuring one of the most attractive flavour profiles I have tasted in a Canadian gin. The St-Laurent gin is made in Rimouski, Quebec and flavoured with a variety of 20 seasonings including juniper, coriander, licorice, citrus and pepper. But what makes it unique is kelp, a yellow-green seaweed … Continue reading Canada’s first seaweed-flavoured gin

Best hot chocolates in Quebec City

Winter in Quebec City is picturesque, especially during evenings when big white snowflakes fall slowly from the sky. At that moment, it feels as though Mother Nature has created a sound proof environment where only the sole of your boots shrieking on the snow-covered sidewalks resonates. During winter, Quebec City puts on its finest attire and illuminates its assets. Among the most remarkable are the Petit Champlain … Continue reading Best hot chocolates in Quebec City