Rolled Ice Cream Frenzy in Québec City

From Malaysia to Toronto by way of Montreal, rolled ice cream has made its way to Québec City. Made from fresh cream, fruit and a variety of sweet, sweet flavours like cotton candy and Oreo, rolled ice cream is ready to be the frozen treat of your summer.

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Québec City Coffee Map

This is the most important map you’ll need during your visit to Québec City. Here is a list of independently owned and operated cafés that will have you smiling in no time. Whether you’re planing a day trip to Charlevoix, Portneuf or simply looking for the best cup of coffee near your downtown hotel, I’ve got you covered. No sponsors, just great coffee!       Continue reading Québec City Coffee Map

Succulent Burgers in Québec City

Here are some of my favourite places for a burger in Québec City. Burgers made by people who take extra special care in selecting high-quality ingredients, who take pride in establishing personal relationships with local producers and/or push the limits of their distributors in order to create the most flavourful burgers possible.

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Chef Fisun Ercan’s Turkey in Montreal


In 2013, when I started working with Chef Marie-Chantal Lepage’s cookbook Mémoires Culinaires, I started paying much more attention to the work of other women chefs in Québec. I learned about Helena Loureiro (Portus360, Helena, Cantinho de Lisboa), Fisun Ercan (Su, Barbounya), Marie-Fleur Saint-Pierre (Tapeo, Meson) and Colombe Saint-Pierre (Chez Saint-Pierre). These are all Chefs who redefine contemporary cuisine by portraying either their own cultural heritage and influences.

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Saint-Henri Opens in Québec City

Quebec city loves coffee, especially in the Saint-Roch neighbourhood. There, you’ll find at least five independent coffee houses, each located within steps of the world’s most recognized gaming industry headquarters.

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A Colourful Breakfast in Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Located in the heart of boho Faubourg Saint-Jean-Baptiste, The Hobbit Bistro is where I find both the perfect soundtrack and the perfect setting for an early morning breakfast. Its brick walls, leather seats and wooden tables set the tone of this unpretentious, down to earth neighbourhood bistro.

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How to Cook Snow Crab

A crab is one of the ugliest creatures on earth, but its flesh is the most delicate, naturally sweet treasures of the sea. It is my favourite food in the world.

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