Foodora Now in Québec City

Foodora food delivery service is now available in Québec City and to celebrate their arrival, Foodora asked Foodie Québec to share the good news. PROMO: All day November 22nd, Foodora is offering the Hygge bowl from Bol & Poké for just 1$, delivery included!  Foodora is a delivery service available worldwide that brings restaurant meals directly to you, no matter where you are. I saw them in … Continue reading Foodora Now in Québec City

My Montréal à Table 2017

Montreal’s popular foodie event Montréal à Table is now underway until November 16th. Montréal à table takes place in more than 175 restaurants across Montreal and features gourmet menus at insanely affordable prices. The purpose is to attract customers during a low season for restaurateurs, all while taking great care in featuring Québec products. Most of Montreal’s gourmet restaurants take part in Montréal à Table, … Continue reading My Montréal à Table 2017

Foodie Québec turns 5!

After five years in the making, Foodie Québec is a trusted food blog in Québec City. Thank you to all the chefs, cooks and other collaborators of the past who have given me the opportunity to share my passion for Québec City and its local artisans. Most importantly, an enormous thank you to all 300,000 of you who have made Foodie Québec a valuable source … Continue reading Foodie Québec turns 5!

Québec’s Geekiest Coffee House

  Québec City’s latest coffee house called Mayflower recently opened on Avenue Myrand in Ste-Foy and it just might be the geekiest coffee-centric place in town. Head coffee geeks behind the Mayflower are owners Louis Roy-Couture and Florence Lahoud-Douville, two young entrepreneurs in their 20s and …full-time students at Laval University!!! I use the word “geek” in a very positive way here. I’ve coffee crawled … Continue reading Québec’s Geekiest Coffee House

Québec City Loves Mexican Food

Winter is harsh in Québec City, which is probably one of the reasons why we have so many Mexican restaurants. That and, well, we like the food. Here’s a comprehensive panorama of my favourite Mexican joints in Québec City. Buen Provecho! Frida Comptoir Mexicain 1032 Avenue Cartier Québec, QC G1R 2S4 Ce soir, on essaie Frida sur la rue Cartier pour faire le plein avant … Continue reading Québec City Loves Mexican Food

Québec’s Trendy Treat of Summer 2017

From Malaysia to Toronto by way of Montreal, rolled ice cream has made its way to Québec City. Made from fresh cream, fruit and a variety of sweet, sweet flavours like cotton candy and Oreo, rolled ice cream is definitely the frozen treat of this summer in Québec City. Spread on a quick cooling plaque refrigerated to -20 degrees, La Bûche Glacée’s house-developed 10% cream … Continue reading Québec’s Trendy Treat of Summer 2017

Québec City’s Indie Coffee Map

This is the most important map you’ll need during your visit to Québec City. Here is a list of independently owned and operated cafés that will have you smiling in no time. Whether you’re planing a day trip to Charlevoix, Portneuf or simply looking for the best cup of coffee near your downtown hotel, I’ve got you covered. No sponsors, just great coffee!       Continue reading Québec City’s Indie Coffee Map