El Ceviche : Peru in Saint-Sauveur

Picture this.

Fresh chunks of tilapia (or halibut!) mixed in the juice of bright citrus, crispy red onions and the charming somewhat exotic perfume of cilantro.

That is a ceviche, a pillar of Peruvian cuisine and the main attraction at Saint-Sauveur’s El Ceviche.

The owner and chef Micko Rojas shares his love for the food traditions of his home country in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The restaurant’s décor is straightforward, shorn even, but showcases items that highlight Peru’s traditional, vivid colour patterns: purple, orange, red, pink, green, yellow and blue.

In your plate, you’ll taste products like corn, sweet potatoes, cassava fries and herbs, lots of herbs.

Colder temperatures bring along hearty dishes like Papa a la Huancaína and the Seco de carne, a beef stew served with white beans, rice and cilantro.

Pair all food with a glass of pisco, Peru’s national alcohol made from grape must. For an alcohol-free option, order a Chicha morada made from purple corn and a blend of heartwarming spices. Drink cold in the summer, warm come winter.

Saturday nights are lively featuring live music.

El Ceviche
184 rue Saint-Vallier Ouest


  1. worldbitcoin

    Hey nice article, i never saw this place in st sauveur but i might try it the next time i go. Thanks for sharing this article, i always want to visit new places like this one.

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