Nina Pizza Napolitaine Opening a Second Location

Québec City’s beloved Nina Pizza Napolitaine is opening another restaurant in the Saint-Jean-Baptiste neighbourhood.

Owners Lucie Nadeau and Pénélope Lachapelle bought the building that housed the Panetier Baluchon bakery on rue Saint-Jean. Patrick Montminy of neighbouring Séraphin and Schü’z boutiques, joined forces in the property’s purchase.

The idea of a second location quickly made its way in Lucie and Pénélope’s plans, because of the popularity of their tradition-inspired Neapolitan pizza. Patrons are refused seating every night.

To facilitate the move, three new business partners, and current employees of the Saint-Roch pizzeria, are investing in the adventure: chef Véronique Schinck, Kassandra Mainville and Myriam Demers-Néron.

All are designing a comparable food and atmosphere experience, but with a more adapted area for take-out so that those waiting for their orders aren’t “bursting the bubble” of those eating nearby.

The new venue has the appropriate equipment to welcome a wood-fired oven, the heart of Nina Pizza napolitaine.

The Saint-Jean-Baptiste location is set to open in 2020.

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