Hearty Comfort Food in Québec City

Winter is the best time of year to cozy up to comfort food. It warms our hearts and bring us that much closer together. From flavourful treats you crave to those that will literally help you get through winter, here are my favourite places to enjoy comfort-filled dishes in Québec City.

Tora-ya Ramen

A destination for authentic Japanese ramen and tsumami made with delicious combinations of umami, sweet and savoury flavours. For an extra kick of warmth, opt for the classic Korean spicy kimchi ramen decorated with nori, naruto, a soft-boiled egg and homemade kimchi.

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Diner Saint-Sauveur

Everything on the menu here warms the soul. A very relaxed atmosphere where the chicken and waffle is great, but the revisited shepard’s pie is awesome: pimped with cheese curds and foie gras.

Buffet de l’Antiquaire

A traditional breakfast diner environment serving comfort dishes that will take you on a flavourful journey across la Belle Province. Expect daily menu specials, all-day breakfast poutine and classic homemade finger-licking desserts.

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Two words: Breakfast…. poutine!

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Poulet Portugais

Four letters: BYOB. Drink cheap beer, or local brews, while eating some fine charcoal grilled chicken. Top it with a lavish You cannot go wrong here, it is literally the best bang for your buck!

Chez Victor

Craving a delicious, mouth-watering burger? Look no further than Chez Victor’s indulgence between two patties! Made from meats like chicken, boar and AAA 40-day aged beef, as well as vegan options like the Veganator. This burger is so popular vegans flock from all corners of the province to enjoy!

La Korrigane

Artisan brewer La Korrigane’s menu is just as delightful as its award-winning brews. The beer-infused tofu chili and smoked bacon mac n’ cheese are just two of their most popular dishes, which just so happen to pair beautifully with anything (and everything!) on tap.

Pub L’Oncle Antoine

The French onion soup at l’Oncle Saint-Antoine is the cure to any ailment. A thick layer of gruyere cheese grilled atop a rich and hearty onion broth. Pair it with a glass of Canadian rye whiskey for maximum warmth.

Nina Pizza Napolitaine

Pizza is the queen of comfort food. In Québec City, Nina Pizza’s pies are synonym of comfort and pay hommage to the traditional artworks of Naples, Italy. For example, the Piselli e Pancetta pizza is made with fresh mozzarella cheese, mint, peas, pancetta, mascarpone and lemon olive oil. Every slice is best enjoyed sitting at their counter, next to the 900F wood burning oven.

Restaurant Wong

Sometimes, all you need to warm your soul is soup. Chinese Restaurant Wong serves an aromatic and fragrant recipe with a hearty portion of vermicelli noodles. Topped with thick slices of bbq pork and vegetables like crispy bok choy, fresh broccoli and sweet snow peas, Wong’s soup is so generous it’s a meal of its own.

La Buche 

Indulge in traditional Québécois sugar shack dishes, the only true way to overcome Old Man winter. Warm your heart with generous portions of meat pie served with a side of homemade ketchup marinade, traditional pea soup with chunks of slow cooked ham or layers upon layers of fluffy crêpes lathered in REAL maple syrup.



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