The Cruffin Takes Québec City by Storm

The Cruffin has finally made it to Québec City. And consumers are going head over heals for it!

Invented by Kate Reid of Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne, Australia in 2013, it was popularised and trademarked by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco.

Borderon le fils Cruffins seen from above.

The Cruffin is a croissant baked in an abnormally high muffin mould and stuffed with pastry cream.

Crisp and flaky on the outside, creamy and decadent on the inside, the Cruffin is an incredibly decadent pastry.

In Québec City, the Cruffin is baked by the artisans of the Borderon et fils counter on Saint-Vallier street in Saint-Sauveur which calls itself Borderon le fils.

The counter carries 50 Cruffins per day which sell out every day. The owner and son of Borderon et fils founder, François Borderon, bought 150 more moulds to respond to the hype.

His Cruffin fillings include vanilla and chocolate flavours, but a maple version is expected soon.

The maple Cruffin, expected incessantly at the Borderon le fils counter in Saint-Sauveur.

The Borderon le fils counter in Saint-Sauveur offers another exclusive service in Québec City : sourdough bread sold by the pound inspired by France’s farmer’s markets, the easiest and most affordable way to have access to fresh artisan-made bread.

Open from Wednesday to Sunday, the Borderon le fils counter is at 204 rue Saint-Vallier Ouest in Saint-Sauveur.


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