Craft Beer Webdoc Brewing Québec Now Online

As part of Foodie Québec’s 5th anniversary celebrations, Foodie Québec is launching Brewing Québec, the very first English-language web-documentary series highlighting the talent of some of Québec City’s best craft brewers.

What makes Québec’s craft beer so popular? What do beer geeks from all over the world like about Québec beer? Why is Québec-made beer celebrated?

The Brewing Québec web series answers these questions through the philosophy, determination and success of three local microbreweries: Brasserie artisanale La Korrigane in Saint-Roch, the Les Grands-Bois coop in St-Casimir and farmhouse brewery Frampton Brasse located in the Beauce.

The Brewing Québec series is directed by François Dubé in collaboration with Andréanne Cyr (camera, editing) and Allison Van Rassel (research, coordination, interviews).

A special thank you to all who have worked on the project: Marie-Andrée Cormier (sound), Youssef Berrouard (camera) and Fred Lafleur (camera), Julie Pelletier (camera), Alexandre Côté and Mathieu Grégoire (sound), Sylvain Blais (sound), Mathieu Robineau (Post-prod sound).

Follow the Foodie Québec Youtube channel for all three episodes.



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