Mayflower : Québec City’s Latest Coffee House


Québec City’s latest coffee house called Mayflower recently opened on Avenue Myrand in Ste-Foy and it just might be the geekiest coffee-centric place in town.

Head coffee geeks behind the Mayflower are owners Louis Roy-Couture and Florence Lahoud-Douville, two young entrepreneurs in their 20s and …full-time students at Laval University!!!

I use the word “geek” in a very positive way here. I’ve coffee crawled my way across the province and I have not seen many coffee houses (not roasters!) care as much as Mayflower about quality coffee it serves its clientele.

“We weren’t satisfied with coffee quality available in coffee houses in Québec City, so we decided to open our own place.” –Florence Lahoud Douville, co-owner of Mayflower Café.

Mayflower’s espresso menu features two incredibly genuine products: George Howell’s Alchemy blend, an all-time favourite of mine for its rich, darker-style aromas elaborated with beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Ethiopia. Exit flowers and acid, say hello to a perfectly balanced breuvage ideal in a cappuccino.

The second espresso coffee blend is from Portland Oregon’s Heart Roasters, one of North America’s most trendy coffee roasters. Mayflower uses Heart’s Halo blend made from Ethiopian beans that feels like a berry acid trip with a sulphurous butterscotch mouthfeel.

All espressos at Mayflower are brewed in a handcrafted Slayer coffee machine, a work of art alone worth the visit. While waiting for your coffee, check out barista Simon Tremblay’s skills. Enjoy the moment as you witness thoroughly measured mouvements of what will soon feel like the perfect cup of coffee.

Can I eat?

Mayflower café on Avenue Myrand offers a few pastries made from La Boule-Miche bakery. Among the selection, some way-too-sweet blueberry and raspberry Pop-Tarts. Please tone down on the sugar.

Mayflower owner Florence Lahoud-Douville mentioned her wish to expand the menu to include a few vegan-friendly options. Chocolate bars from Dandelion Chocolate and Kittel Coffee from Montreal are also available to buy.

After all, Mayflower has only been open for a week.

853A Avenue Myrand

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