Rolled Ice Cream Frenzy in Québec City

From Malaysia to Toronto by way of Montreal, rolled ice cream has made its way to Québec City. Made from fresh cream, fruit and a variety of sweet, sweet flavours like cotton candy and Oreo, rolled ice cream is ready to be the frozen treat of your summer.

Spread on a quick cooling plaque refrigerated to -20 degrees, La Bûche Glacée’s house-developed 10% cream is mixed, flattened then rolled into logs with a spatula.

Toppings inlcude homemade sauces like chocolate, caramel or sucre à la crème. Whipped cream, cotton candy and many other condiments are available. Your imagination is your only limit!

Only one constraint, you’ll have to Beauport to get your hands on rolled ice cream in Québec City. The drive is worth the experience!

La Buche Glacée
2266 Avenue Larue, Ville de Québec, QC G1C 4A3 OR

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