Québec City Coffee Map

This is the most important map you’ll need during your visit to Québec City. Here is a list of independently owned and operated cafés that will have you smiling in no time.

Whether you’re planing a day trip to Charlevoix, Portneuf or simply looking for the best cup of coffee near your downtown hotel, Foodie Québec has you covered.





  1. Camille

    You should go visit Les Cafés du Soleil on St-Paul street 🙂 I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love the place! The house blend is roasted there and it’s delicious!

  2. Dominique Turgeon

    You should also go visit Les Moulins La Fayette Lebourgneuf! Everything there is so so good to taste, music is so so good to listen to … and ambiance is so so so great! See you there!

    1. Allison Van Rassel

      Dominique, I have been many times with my mother and aunt who live nearby, with friends and by myself. The prices are also very high compared to other cafés in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, I haven’t had as much of a positive experience than what you describe: twice the croissants were stale and the coffee extremely bitter. Parking is also an issue since the parking lot behind the building is always very busy and empty spots hard to find.

    1. Phil Vasquez

      Being just a Google Maps plugin, it’s probably something to do with your browser. Try rebooting your computer or, ideally, clear out the cache and cookies on your browser. Also, see if Flash is updated.

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