Best Patios in Québec City

At some point in my life, trying to figure out what career I wanted, a friend of the family suggested I study tourism. Being that I am bilingual and very sociable, she thought that I would have been excellent at promoting my love for Québec City and that I should have made it my career. I did think about it for a while before entering Cégep, but my passion for radio and journalism quickly took over. But who knows what the future holds?

With this blog, I receive between 5 and 10 emails per week from people travelling in the province of Québec looking for unique culinary experiences. I am also asked questions about food in Boston, Maine, Toronto, Montreal, Charlevoix, Drummondville and beyond, because I love to travel for food. I’m very proud to say that I have built a unique relationship with my audience (of more than 188,000 people to this day, and counting!) built primarily on honesty.

Time and discipline are very challenging when keeping a blog, especially when there is no revenue involved. Don’t get me wrong, I have had many offers from add firms as far as the Middle East to monetize Foodie Québec, but it is not my desire to do so. I want to stay as independent and objective as I can in everything that I do. This is exactly why I am so very proud of this new collaboration with the Québec City Tourism Office.

I would lie if I said that I have not been trying to attract attention from Québec City’s tourism office. Having them contact me and recognize the impact of Foodie Québec on the local food industry is very rewarding and I am very proud of myself for having succeeded. But, I wouldn’t have anything without you, the reader. Thank you for spending time on my website and for considering Foodie Québec as a reference for your travels. Thank you to the Québec City Tourism Office for the opportunity to share on a bigger scale my passion for Québec City’s foodie culture.

Thus begins a very exciting collaboration!

Best Patios in Québec City

Barberie-2To kick this collaboration off, I’ve put together a list of my favourite patios in the region. Why eight? Because five is not enough and eight makes me stay true to myself. And I insist on being free to speak of whom I choose.

Where is your favourite patio in the Québec City region?

Click here for my favourite terraces in the greater Québec City area. 



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