EVENT: Book & Wine Pairings at ImagiNation

You’ve just snuggled into your favourite pair of jogging pants and about to start what you think will be a captivating read. A glass of wine has already been poured, it’s waiting for you on the table next to your favourite reading chair. Have you ever thought about pairing that glass of wine with the story you’re about to read?

This year’s ImagiNation Festival‘s Tasty Books event is looking to answer this exact question. It’s an opportunity to discover six fine wines chosen by Panache sommelier Yann Barrette-Bouchard, paired with a selection of books being presented at this year’s ImagiNation

bibliotheque-de-langue-anglaise_modThe event takes place April 7th in the exquisite and history-filled Morrin Center Victorian library, with books dating as far back as the 16th century. Hors d’œuvres will also be provided by Panache.
Jogging pants are of course voluntary 😉

Afternoon tea with Alice in Wonderland

My favourite story is Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland. I studied it in College and University and every time I read it, I have a new perspective on Alice’s adventures.

Last year marked the book’s 150th anniversary. On April 9th, the Festival proposes an afternoon tea in the company of author Monique Polak who will explore Lewis Carroll‘s literature and the reasons behind Alice in Wonderland‘s enduring popularity.

For the complete festival programme, more information on these events and to buy tickets, visit morrin.org/imagination.

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