VIDEO: Cook for a day at Ateliers & Saveurs

I am now a bit more kitchen smart thanks to Ateliers & Saveurs’ Cook for a day workshop. A full-day experience with Chef Antoine Corriveau (Saint-Amour, Continental, Patriarche, Panache) geared towards teaching a few basics of French gastronomy: Bœuf bourguignon, blanquette de veau, gratin dauphinois, macédoine, fumet and pilaf rice. At the end of the day, I left with three lunches and a salad!

Ateliers & Saveurs‘ Cook for a day experience definitely helped me ”sharpen my knife skills” so to speak. A highly educative experience where pleasure meats technique. In Quebec City, It’s near impossible to sign up for a professional-type cooking class, because most –if not all- culinary schools like Fierbourg and École hotelière de la Capitale only teach future professionals.

To say I had never made homemade macédoine before! Here’s a look inside my experience.

Ateliers & Saveurs currently only offers the Cook for a day experience at their Quebec City location. For further details, visit their website here.

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