Canada’s First Seaweed Gin

Canada’s very first seaweed-flavoured distilled dry gin features one of the most attractive flavour profiles I have tasted in a Canadian gin. The St-Laurent gin is made in Rimouski, Quebec and is flavoured with a variety of 20 seasonings including juniper, coriander, licorice, citrus and pepper.

What makes the St-Laurent gin unique is kelp, a yellow-green seaweed that can only be found on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. The seaweed is steeped in the alcohol at the end of the process, which gives it its distinctive colour and a very discreet, refined salty taste. An aroma that clearly reminds me of the smell of an early morning breeze on the shores of the Gaspé. The label reminds me of and antique apothecary product. It sells for 48$.

This artisanal gin is produced in small batches and finished in a 700 L  vessel that was once used for cheese; the owners found it in Magog in the Eastern Townships. Family and friends sealed and labelled their very first bottles.

The owners of Distillerie du Saint-Laurent Jean-François Cloutier and Joël Pelletier also have as a long-term objective to produce whisky. In the meantime, the St-Laurent gin will be available in 20 SAQ across the province sometime within the next two weeks. Restaurant owners will have to go through Agence Boires.

For more info:

Distillerie du St-Laurent’s Facebook
Distillerie du St-Laurent’s Website

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