Valentine’s Day Catering Menus

Do you remember Valentine’s Day 2014? If you’re a fan of the Netflix series House of Cards you definitely do, because the 2nd  season was released on Valentine’s Day! That’s when my partner and I ordered our first gourmet Valentine’s Day meal to go. Gourmet catering + binge watching House of Cards = best Valentine’s day EVER!

Last year, we decided to do the same thing. If you follow me on Social Media –Instagram or Facebook– you already know that we ordered 47e Parallel’s Valentine’s Day meal.

This year, we’ve decided to do exactly the same thing! The number of restaurants and catering companies who offer gourmet meals for Valentine’s Day in Quebec City have tripled since. We looked at all our options and have come up with our list of favourite Valentine’s Day catering menus in Quebec City. But we haven’t yet decided.

Which one should we choose?

And the finalists are…

© Restaurant Champlain
© Restaurant Champlain

Champlain’s seduction

Stéphane Modat is one of Canada’s most talented chefs. His creativity is infused with a desire to shake culinary conventions. Whether vivid, flamboyant or subtle, Modat’s cuisine is all about creating emotion. Imagine on Valentine’s Day! Salmon Tataki, foie gras and elk veal are among the ingredients used to seduce. 109$ for two.


47e Parallèle’s generous verrines  

17 miniature culinary adventures ready to captivate every corners of your mouth. Chef Joseph Sarrazin has put together an exciting variety of flavours including ceviche, rabbit, lamb, kangaroo and …smores! Be surprised, be swept off your feet. 114,95$ for two.


Finger-licking flavours

Deux Gourmandes catering company in Sillery is among my favourite catering companies in Quebec City. Their Valentine’s Day meal features elegant flavour combinations like foie gras and pear, smoked salmon and lemon crème fraîche, pheasant and cider, as well as deer and boreal spices. 99$ for two.


Best bang for your buck

© Pomme Grenade
© Pomme Grenade

Located on the south shore of Quebec City, Pomme Grenade has the best-snug-for-your-buck Valentine’s Day offer. Their 14-course meal is composed of dishes that sound familiar, yet feel very…comforting.  For a February evening where colder outdoor temperatures prevail, snuggling is king. Tartars, parfait, mousse and salads at 80$ for two.


© Papilotte & cie
© Papilotte & cie

How ‘bout breakfast in bed?

For Valentine’s Day, Papilotte & cie offers a «Romantic Breakfast in Bed» offer featuring Montreal artisans Preservation Society with red fruit jam and Dinette Nationale’s voluptuous salted caramel. Indulge in artisan-made products without leaving the comfort of your bed. 29,95$ for two.


Papillote & cie also has a Valentine’s Day dinner deal for two featuring beet supplìs, onion soup and bison. 49,95$ for two.


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