NEWS: Former La Planque Chef Guillaume St-Pierre to cook at Clocher Penché

Chefs Mathieu Brisson and Guillaume St-Pierre
Chefs Mathieu Brisson and Guillaume St-Pierre

For the next three Wednesday and Thursday evenings, the Clocher Penché’s kitchen will host a unique, talent-filled evening featuring former La Planque Chef Guillaume Saint-Pierre and Café du Clocher Penché Chef, Mathieu Brisson.

Together, they will cook a unique, five-course meal inspired by “whatever comes to mind,” says Chef Mathieu Brisson. ”Anything. Inspiration du moment, definitely oysters, lots of colours, etc. Guillaume and I want to get crazy in the kitchen. We’re old friends. We’ve known each other for 15 years and we want to cook and have fun together. He’s a free agent now; why not give Quebec City something special!”

Guillaume St-Pierre was until recently, the Chef-owner of La Planque, a trendy bistro in Limoilou. In August, he announced he was leaving the company and the kitchen for personal reasons.

St-Pierre has worked in many respected kitchens in Quebec including Panache of the prestigious Auberge Saint-Antoine and L’Utopie, one of the ten best restaurants in Canada in 2004. But, winning the 2011 edition of the television show Les Chefs on Radio-Canada brought him the most attention. Months later, he opened La Planque, a trendy bistro in Limoilou attracting foodies from all over Canada. But this summer, he told media he wanted to take a break from it all. Chef Olivier Godbout (Le Cercle) now mans La Planque’s kitchen, another Les Chefs participant.

A unique event in Quebec City

Chef Mathieu Brisson’s stunning blue eyes were glittering with passion as he was giving me the details of this event. I could tell then and now that he felt a need for some sort of creative stimulation. Brisson is one of the most talented chefs in Quebec City, he doesn’t need St-Pierre’s star-qualities to attract customers.

But, chefs in Quebec City rarely push their art to its creative limits. Collaborative meals like these rarely take place in Quebec City! I remember one at l’Espace MC Chef two years ago, when Montreal Chef Helena Loureiro (Portus Calle) cooked in Marie-Chantal Lepage’s kitchen for an evening of unique Portuguese flavours. Amazing evening; here’s what I experienced.

Events like these make creativity shine like magic. And not only for the chefs, but especially for the customer experiencing it!
I am not missing out on this, and neither should you.

For now, only the following dates: 25, 26 of November and 2, 3, 9, 10 of December at the Café du Clocher Penché.
The complete details of the evening were not done when I was given the info, but Chef Brisson says it will cost about 50$ for a five-course meal! WHAT?!? #socheap Make your reservations now via

Congratulations for the initiative Guillaume and Mathieu, and keep those late night beer-drinking ideas coming!

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