REVIEW: Tea time at the Château

I enjoyed the afternoon tea at the Champlain of the Fairmont Château Frontenac yesterday and it was a more than lavish experience. Just the decor suddenly made me feel like I was part of the upper class; a great experience that took me away from my middle-class, very ordinary, suburban lifestyle.

Every afternoon from 2pm to 3:30pm, the Champlain restaurant serves a traditional English tea service. The service includes a variety of handpicked teas from Camelia Sinensis to enjoy with a sweet & salty selection of British-inspired, locally-sourced finger foods. I had, a cucumber tartine on pumpernickel bread, a jambon/beurre and brie sandwich, smoked salmon cream pie, a shrimp tart, blue cheese lollipop and a savoury scone. The tray comes with a selection of condiments like marmalade, the Château’s rooftop honey and a mascarpone whip.

Sweets are served as a buffet under the Grand Chandelier of the main dinning room of the Champlain. Among the choices, macarons, chocolate/pear mousse jars, canelés, Battenberg cake, choux à la crème and an apricot, carrot and cranberry cake.

Everything bite is handmade, every day by Chef Stephane Modat and his team of pastry artists.

Try to plan your visit ahead and take a reservation. Ask to sit on the window side to enjoy a stunning view of the Dufferin terrace and the St-Lawrence River. At this time of year, you can see nature’s changing colours in contrast with the many cruise ships entering and leaving the Old-Port area.

Afternoon tea at the Château costs 41$ per person and includes free valet parking. Actually, every meal at the Château includes free valet parking!


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3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Tea time at the Château

  1. I’m headed for Quebec for the weekend, and just discovered your blog! And, just in time! Thank you for an awesome blog and great advice! I’ll be photo journaling what I see there.

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