Foodie in Quebec City turns 3!

Wow, already three!?! Times goes by so fast when you’re in good company…your company.

This past year has been one filled with unexpected and grand successes for myself and Foodie in Quebec City: the New York Times travel editor has collaborated with me for a stroll in the city, Hosteling International introduced FoodieQC as one of the best websites to plan a trip across Canada, and a Foodie Guide to Québec City is on its way. Year four will be hard to beat in terms of referencing and recognition.

As days and reviews go by, tone, topics and ideas have become a little clearer. Quebec City restaurant reviews have become the norm, but Foodiecations and Quebec’s terroir take on a bigger part of the adventure. The FoodieQC Instagram account is bursting with mouth-watering pictures and Facebook is keeping you up to date with food-related news and events.

Blogging is challenging, especially in an environment where authenticity is priority.

I believe the future holds great adventures for Foodie in Quebec City readers.

Celebration Time

Foodie in Quebec City is in Toronto to celebrate its third anniversary. Why Toronto? Because, it is the first Canadian edition of the Food & Wine festival. Two days of completely insane food and wine tastings, as well as conferences by celebrity chefs from all over the province of Ontario.

But, before heading out to the festival grounds, the celebrations have begun with… Mother’s Dumplings! Here’s why.

And then there was Chef David Lee.

Nota Bene: artistically inclined

Chef David Lee is a flavour magician. His Queen Street West restaurant is near the arts district and attracts locals, toursists, but mostly artists from all genres. It’s an open space venue that can get a little noisy, but once a plate of food appears in front of you, Lee’s creativity numbs all circumambient noise. All you’ll hear are your taste buds cheering for more!

Flavour profiles and perfumes stand out like trophies on a mantle. Forward thinking, farm-to-table philosophy with flawless presentation. Twist and turns of colour and textures from cocktail to finish. The cocktails are hip and the deconstructed gin & tonic experience is a must.  The Hot Fuzz cocktail blew me away (sailor jerry spiced rum, aperol, peach, chilli, lime, orange bitters).

I enjoyed the duck salad with sumac-dusted green papaya slaw and kaffir lime underneath a taro root do. The wild Digby (Nova Scotia) scallops sat on a bed of sweet corn and fregola sarda next to a juicy pork sausage and chimichurri. A luscious chocolate and dulche de leche cake created by French pastry Chef Michel Cluziel as a grand finale. A clever collaboration that I have yet to see between chefs in restaurants in Quebec City.

A highly recommended meal when in Toronto. Oh and by the way, the fries are very, very addictive.


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