Izgara Kebaberie opens in Limoilou


ze menu

The traditional Turkish döner kebab has finally made its way to Quebec City. Available at the Izgara Kebaberie in Limoilou, the döner kebab is a very popular dish in the middle east. Similar to the North-American burger, the döner (not to be confused with The Donald) can be found on almost every street corner in Europe. It’s as easy to find in Europe and Australia as is a crêpe in Paris or poutine in Quebec City.

Traditionally, the döner kebab’s main ingredient is goat, but at the Izgara Kebaberie you’ll find no goat. “The meat is way too expensive,” says the owner. You’ll find marinated chicken, merguez sausage and tofu.

chicken kebab

I chose the chicken kebab that the cook offered to coat with a fresh mint flavoured yogurt sauce, a somewhat Greek tzatziki. It’s served inside a burger-like bun with a crunchy crust and a soft bite, filled with meat cooked to the order.

“It’s very important for us to cook it to the order. No meat stays lying around,” said the man behind the counter as I pay for my bill. Total: $9,15 with a bag of commercial chips. Izgara doesn’t deep fry anything.

Honest and distinct flavours that remind me why quality begin with choosing fresh products. Even though the menu doesn’t feature goat, Izgara Kebaberie definitely serves an authentic kebab with a distinctive European feel to it. Probably has something to do with the mint tea I had while waiting for my order. It was on the house.

So here’s an idea, next time you feel like heading out to a fast food joint, because hunger just cannot wait…stop! Instead, head on over to the Izgara Kebaberie and eat some real food. Flavours that’ll make you escape with international delight.

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