Café du Clocher Penché, a Must in Québec City

The Café du Clocher Penché cuisine best defines Québec City’s culinary landscape. Chef Mathieu Brisson is doing impeccable farm-to-table inside a friendly Saint-Roch bistro inspired by traditional French cuisine.

Named after the crooked church tower located across the street from the restaurant, the Café du Clocher Penché is my favourite restaurant in Québec City. Beyond the extraordinary food quality and friendly customer service, constance is the Clocher’s biggest asset.

Québec City has the highest ratio of restaurants to residents where creativity is essential to survive, but constance mandatory. The staff knows and delivers with a smile every time.

The bistro’s chef is Mathieu Brisson, a young and artistic-minded cook that serves colour-filled dishes inspired by international flavours that everyone can understand, thus making Québec’s local terroir familiar and accessible.

îles de la Madeleine lobster, shaved egg yolk, daylily leeks

Some of the province’s most fertile regions are located a few kilometres from the Clocher’s doorstep: Île d’Orléans, Côte de Beaupré, Portneuf, Charlevoix, etc.

There, the clocher sources its wild berries and mushrooms, funky vegetables, St. Lawrence River invertebrates and grass-fed animal meats year round.

Veal liver, parsnip, broccoli, potatoes, herbs

But Québec’s nordic climate is an important challenge for chefs who depend on fresh produce no matter the season, a problem the Clocher Penché has managed to overcome by transforming everything in season.


  1. Jean Robert

    Hi Alison
    I listened to your interview on 93 FM.
    Great Job! Nice to hear St. Lawrence mentioned.
    Have you followed the career of Chef Nancy Hinton? She’s a QHS & SLC alum.

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