Visit to Pilot Coffee Roasters


I was recently on a foodiecation in Toronto where I went for a visit at the Pilot Coffee roasting plant. I love Dose‘s coffee here in Quebec City and it only serves Pilot’s coffee. Therefore, when I was in Toronto, I wanted to meet with the roasters who roast some of my favourite coffee beans.

I went to the Wagstaff Drive tasting bar located inside the same building as the Pilot Coffee roasting plant. At the tasting bar, you can discover their brews with a “trust the Barista” three course tasting menu. I highly recommend you try it. For 12$ you’ll get an espresso, a brew method and a specialty drink prepared in front of you by one of the Pilot partners using their top-of-the-line brewing equipment.

On the day of my visit, Brett Johnston head of innovation for Pilot was barista. Here is a video of the cup of coffee he brewed for me.

Pilot sources its coffee beans directly from producers. Their sustainable philosophy and direct trading business model is what the the third wave coffee movement is all about. They show respect for the culture and growing methods by using an elaborative brewing technique that transforms a cup of coffee into a symphony of flavours. Respect your product and customers will love you. I love everything about Pilot Coffee Roasters. Have a taste, you will understand.


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