Charlebourg’s Le Mexicain is Purely Mexican

Tacos: cochinita pibil
Tacos: cochinita pibil

Le Mexicain is the most authentic Mexican experience you’ll find in Quebec City. Unfortunately, you’ll have to drive out to Charlesbourg to experience its flavours. Is it worth the drive you ask? Oh yes it is!

Located at the back of a commercial building and facing a residential street, Le Mexicain is not easy to find. But, its hidden location gives it an appealing character, one that reminds me of hidden gems.

I went for a late lunch on a Friday afternoon. The restaurant was empty, except for the owner Chef Perez’s son doing what sounded like homework on one of the tables. His sister was soon enough doing the same with him. After all, it’s exam season. In the background, a television set to a spanish afternoon soap. Not my favourite kind of ambience, especially the “suspense-like keyboard”, although it matches with the restaurant’s decor, one that definitely needs a little paint and upholstery job. Service is not rapid and I don’t recommend you visit if in a hurry.

Le Mexicain’s menu is comprehensive, well-described and features many traditional dishes and flavours. I especially appreciate that Chef Perez works with natural pork from Les Élevages Bonneau located Saint-François-de-la-Rivière-du-sud on the south shore of Quebec City. I tried the cochinita pibil tacos that comes in a double layer of soft corn tortillas. Marie-Eve had the Pupusa, a corn dough cake filled with pork, vegetables and cheese. Very hearty. All meals are served with recipients of lime, cilantro mixed with chives, hot sauce and onions to let you adjust the flavours to your palate.

Le Mexicain is also a butcher shop and a grocery store featuring many Mexican imported goods where some are used in their cuisine. You’ll also find a variety of sausages, marinated meat, dried peppers, pickled cactus, sauces and condiments as well as lots of candy.

I highly recommend Le Mexicain especially with friends, either on a hot summer day or cold winter afternoon.

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