COCKTAIL: Pure Légende eau-de-vie

LaFrance-2I love Haida art, what it represents and its spiritual dimension. The Haida people originate from an island off the Northwest Coast of Canada. “Totemic soul art” are the words that I’ve always associated to this native form of art. It’s what I answer when asked about the meaning of the raven tattoo on my left forearm.

I studied literature at University. I was especially fond of the 19th century romantic authors like Thoreau and Emmerson. I learned from their writings that I could become one with my true self in Nature. That’s when I discovered Haida. To me, it is the most truthful form of art.

The bear figure

When I received a bottle of Pure Légende from Verger Lafrance, I had high expectations. The first thing I noticed was its logo: haida art. As you can see from the picture, it’s a bear inside an apple. According to the Spirits of the West Coast Art Gallery, the bear symbolizes “strength, family, vitality courage and health. A Bear is of great support and comfort to those who crave human company simply for personal reassurance not for the simple pleasure of being with friends. He makes lonely periods of life far easier.” Probably not the best symbol to associate to alcohol!

I always have high expectation for products or dishes that I have a personal interest in. And in this case, I instantly associated Pure Légende’s logo with my love for Haida. It’s instinct for me. And I question the use of the Haida bear with alcohol. Is it because I know what the animal symbolizes that it bothers me? Does it bother you?

Eau de vie

That being said, it’s the bottle’s content I’m most interested in! Even before the liquid touches my mouth I can tell there’s a high alcohol content and not a slight hint of wood. I can smell apple more than I can taste it. A frank liquid that reminds me of calvados or brandy. A perfect alcohol for cocktails! Is happy hour yet?

Pure Légende Cocktail by FoodieQC

1/8 cup of Pure Légende
1 tablespoon of red chile & tonka syrup from Les Charlatans.
1 apple, sliced in small pieces. I used a Spartan apple.
1 cinnamon stick broken in two pieces
1 cup of Eska mineral water or hot water
2 tablespoons of cane sugar. I bought mine at Tiguidou.


Pure Légende Cocktail by FoodieQC

-Slice the apples, put them in your shaker. keep one slice
-Add the alcohol, the syrup, ice and both pieces of the cinnamon stick to your shaker.
-If you are making the hot version, add a bit of hot water in the shaker, about 1/2 a cup. Keep the rest for later. Do not add mineral water now.
-Shake all of your ingredients together.
-put the cane sugar in a plate. Use the slice of apple to wet the rim of your glass. Roll the wet rim in the sugar.
-Add the mineral water or the rest of your hot water to the shaker. DO NOT SHAKE. Stir.
-Strain the liquid into your sugar-rimmed glass.
-Add a few apple and a cinnamon stick in your glass. Enjoy cold by adding more ice.
-Keep the mixture of apples and syrup in the fridge if you’d want to make another drink.

The chile & tonka bean flavour in this cocktail reminds me of the bear’s strength and the apple is exactly what nature intedned for the Lafrance orchard Pure Légende eau de vie. The cinnamon add warmth and the sugar, texture. A cocktail where Nature meets art.


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One thought on “COCKTAIL: Pure Légende eau-de-vie

  1. Thanks Allison, In fact, to answer your question, the bear represents the values of the Domaine Lafrance: an authentic orchard, respecting nature and family values. It also represents the reliability of the product.

    By the way, your cocktail looks excellent, we look forward to taste it.


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