Laurie Raphaël’s Urban Sugar Shack Brunch

Last year, a few restaurants and caterers in Quebec City decided to take the urban shack route. Only one had managed to wow my palate: the Laurie Raphaël. This year, LR is flying solo in the “urban sugar shack” adventure. Did the competition thrown in the towel over the impressive culinary #CabaneLR experience?

An innovative menu for the young at heart

The Laurie Raphaël team invited me last Sunday to indulge in fat, sugar and booze: #CabaneLR. It’s a limited time experience, an adventurous sugar shack inspired menu dripping with organic maple syrup from the Mekinac brand. A well-executed variations sur la cabane à sucre.

Cromesqui, octopus, a pork belly donut sandwich dripping in a creamy sugar sauce, topped with maple & clove infused espuma, truffle, foie gras. If you’re like me, your taste buds are already excited from reading these last words.

But, if you need a little convincing, here’s a little food porn. Consider yourself warned.


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Chef Raphaël Vézina’s commitment to making #CabaneLR a notable experience is obvious. It’s not an R-rated Cochon-like “cabane” experience, but rather a please-your-inner-snobbish child gastronomic experience. What child eats foie gras or Perigord-imported truffles? And why not!

The food was harmonized with silver platters, Popsicle sticks and Styrofoam soup bowls. The latter is not the most environmentally friendly choice, but accurately reminiscent of my childhood.

Raphaël Vézina has truly thought this brunch through: plaid shirts and tablecloths, Bernard Adamus in the speakers and carefully selected sugaring equipment for a cabin feel. It’s a little kitsch, but it honestly works. It all works, from the maple syrup metal cans hanging outside all the way to the delicately tossed BBQ octopus.

Every weekend until April 12th.
The brunch costs 55$ for adults, 20$ for children. Well worth every penny.

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