EVENT: The Paris Pop-up Restaurant experience

It’s Tuesday night, Le Pied Bleu is usually closed. But tonight, it is packed with people smiling, laughing. No doubt, guests of le Paris Pop-Up are truly enjoying themselves. Chef Harry Cummins and sommelier Laura Vidal are responsible for these smiles.

The Paris Pop-Up experience was a festive gastronomic event where the rosés of Provence met Quebec’s terroir. A festive pairing where grenache, vermentino and syrahs were in tune with the freshness of Quebec’s tomatoes, lobster, faiselle and lamb.

Chef Cummins presented beautiful, delicate dishes served with refinement and many subtleties, where a little more attention to description (especially the pairings) would have been appreciated. Overall, a creative gastronomic experience. Chapeau!

For further details about the evening, and upcoming Pop-Ups around the globe visit theparispopup.com.

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Thank you to Sopexa for this wonderful invitation.

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