Cuisinez St-Roch 2

How wonderful was this second edition of Cuisinez St-Roch? Magnificent! The day started off with uncertain temperature and rain showers. By the time we had decided to leave, somewhere around 1pm, the rain was falling down pretty hard at my place. I live a 20 km drive from downtown and strangely enough, even for a relatively short distance, there’s a change in temperature between my front yard and St-Roch. I tested this new app I have on my phone: SkyMotion. It tells you precisely enough how long it’s going to rain for and/or when it’ll start to rain. We had 119 minutes without rain ahead of us.

Soon enough, the clouds were nowhere to be seen. A beautiful afternoon filled with the flavours of St-Roch. Together, my partner Marie-Eve and I spent 50$; we tried almost everything! Take a look at some of the treats from Cuisinez Saint-Roch’s successful second edition. Bet you’ll bite your nails you missed this one!

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