FOOD FEST: Le Burger Week 2014

Chic Shack's Le P'tit Verrat
Chic Shack’s Le P’tit Verrat

And so begins Le Burger Week in six cities across Canada. Le Burger Week is your chance to bite into mouth-watering burgers created for a limited time. Carte Blanche for ze burger by ze restaurant chefs! Just by reading the descriptions you can tell the Chefs are taking this week very seriously.  Thank them by taking the time to vote for your favourite burger at the official Burger Week website.

Here is the list of participating restaurants in Quebec City.

My Burger Week

I started off my Burger Week with ze Chic Shack. A soft italian organic pork sausage from DuBreton farm between two slices of Borderon’ bread, a slice of melted Tomme à Rudy cheese from the Ducrêt Farm in Saint-Basile-de-Portneuf, loads of macerated porteenies, a tomato slice, arugula and fennel-flavoured dijonnaise.  They call this limited-time burger Le P’tit Verrat. #MIAM

Keep your eyes on the rolls of hand towels at your table and make sure they’re fully loaded, because the P’tit Verrat burger is a very dirty burger to eat. Its size is perfect, but the fennel dijonnaise and juices from the pork sausage are going to drip all over your hands. For 10$, the P’tit Verrat is well worth the dirty deed! Le Burger Week is on until September 7th and there are 41 participating restaurants.

Not a Classic Poutine

We took advantage of our visit to try their Classique version of the poutine. A black pepper sauce with BW-4cheddar cheese curds sprinkled with herbs. Unfortunately, this poutine has nothing classic about it. And to disappoint even more, the sauce tasted nothing like black pepper, had way too much gelatin in the sauce mix and the fries (chunks of fried potato cubes) tasted like old frying oil. Definitely not a dish worth trying.

Le Chic Shack also makes homemade lemonade and soft drinks. I tried the raspberry pop! Excellent, you can tell it’s made from a real fruit syrup. The lemonade though was not tangy enough for me. Though quite refreshing, it needs a little more tartness (not sugar) to satisfy real lemon-frenzy buds.


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