NEWS: Chef David Forbes joins Groupe Restos Plaisirs


David Forbes is the new chef of the yet-to-be-named restaurant atop the Concorde hotel. Formerly know as l’Astral- or Quebec Citys’ rotating restaurant it’s one of the oldest rotating restaurants of North America. The restaurant owners Groupe Restos Plaisirs should announced the new name within the next month.

My little finger tells me the new restaurant name will be Revo. It would fit perfectly, wouldn’t it?

David Forbes is the former chef of Les Labours, the restaurants of the one-of-a-kind hotel La Ferme in Baie St-Paul. He works with local products and creates beautiful food art with simple and unique flavours. Before joining La Ferme in 2012, he put Le Cercle on the map of creative culinary destinations in downtown Quebec City. Unfortunately, the restaurants still thrives to find its long-gone reputation. If you want a taste of David Forbes talent in a pizza, try Pizz’Art’s La Charlevoisienne. A pizza entirely created from Forbes imagination and Charlevoix’s products: rosée sauce, grilled butternut squash, shallots, spicy mushrooms, 1608 cheese and organic ham. #MIAM

This news brings a lot of excitement to Quebec City’s culinary scene…and to my taste buds.


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