Divine Saint-Amour

The indoor garden. The only real plant is the Ficus (bottom left tree) the other are plastic.

There are little culinary moments that I’ve lived that bring an immediate smile to my face. The Saint-Amour is now part of these moments. Le Saint-Amour’s experience was a grandiose moment for my taste buds.

Lunch is the most financially suitable solution to indulging in a fine cuisine. Rarely do restaurants with the same prodigious reputation as the Saint-Amour offer lunch. In my opinion, it’s the best way to experience gastronomy at a more affordable price. Cava to celebrate lunch!

The Saint-Amour is on the discreet Saint-Ursule Street near the St-Louis gates. The restaurant has a magnificent interior garden, well-lit with two real Ficus trees standing tall among the tables and chairs. The walls are decorated by Quebec artist Jean Gaudreau and portray the French inspiration of the restaurant’s gastronomy. The Chef is Jean-Luc Boulay, a judge on the Quebec television show Les Chefs. And yes, Le Saint-Amour is where Sir Paul McCartney ate on the 18th of July, 2008.

Salmon gravlax
Salmon gravlax

Menu Midi

I began with the salmon gravlax served with crushed citrus and fennel alongside decorations of a coral lobster and pastis emulsion. What a beautiful presentation. Take a look at my pictures below. This dish was an extra 10$. In all honesty, as marvelous as this entrée was, it was not worth the extra money, especially not for two lone slices of salmon. My partner Marie-Eve tried the vegetable pottage which I tasted. Unless your budget allows you the extra 10, then go for the gravlax. Otherwise, the soup is marvelous. A creamy and velvety thermomix texture with a dash of aged balsamic.

I ordered the duck leg, served with a side of garden fresh vegetable (steamed salsifis roots, potisson, carrots and asparagus) placed atop a plush porto reduction. Delicately melting on top of my duck leg was a light foie gras chantilly. I couldn’t resist, I had to fling my fork into it. Like a cloud of pure bonheur, the light yet luscious flavours of foie gras embraced my palate. Its texture covered my mouth, I closed my eyes for a few seconds…I was charmed and well worth the 27$ asked for. The duck (from Canard Goulu) was magnificent! It was so delicate and tasty; the best duck I have eaten in my life thus far. I guess word got around about the Saint-Amour’s duck leg, because the restaurant had quite a few asian customers (I counted 14). The Asian population is very fond of duck, it’s an imperial treasure.

The duck was perfectly paired with a well-balanced, soft and round glass of Les Petites Rangées, Domaine de Cazaban 2011.

Marie-Eve ordered the Magdalen Island scallops. Tender and moist, the scallops are covered with a marinière of mussel juice, shrimp and white wine together with garden fresh vegetables. Her choice was 31$.


For dessert, a light raspberry/cranberry chocolate mousse cake. A perfect ending, not too sweet, in symbiosis with the cappuccino that followed. The service was exquisite, the experience all around delightful and quite romantic. In total, the bill came out to about 80$ each, tip included. Well worth every dollar invested. And keep in mind it included a glass of cava and a glass of wine.

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