Festibière 2014

Festibière-3The province of Quebec is master in brewing beer. Our brewers are inventive, creative and pride themselves with unique flavours. The Festibière is a festival that celebrates beer and it is on this weekend in Quebec City. It is a superb opportunity to taste a variety of the province’s brews. It’s on until tomorrow, so hurry up!

The Fest is taking place in the old port of Quebec City between the Marché du Vieux-Port and l’Espace 400e. Parking is hard to find and you’re bound to drink lots of beautiful liquids, so use public transit. You can easily spend a few hours on site to dunk your papilla in traditional German sausage, choucroutte and pretzel, food truck burgers, slow cooked briskets and BEER! And great beers there are. Here are three that left an impression on me.

Festibière-11-Brassserie Dunham
Tasted: Leo’s early breakfast IPA, India pale ale with guava and earl grey tea

The first thing that comes to the nose is clove, which is quite a habitual taste in pale ales, but with this beer, the clove doesn’t shift in taste. It smells more of clove than it tastes. Faintly bitter with a pleasant after taste of earl grey tea, the kind that left a comforting feeling in my mouth. The guava brought a faint sweetness. A perfect beer for a rainy day.

2-Le Trèfle Noir, brasserie artisanale
Tasted: La California, West coast Belgian IPA with citrus hop

A variety that isn’t bottled and only available on tap AT the microbrewery. Unless you’re planning on visiting the Abitibi region soon, this beer is a must at the Festibière. It is refreshing with a lightly bitter taste and a subtle lemon aftertaste. Once you swallow, the California leaves a great quenching Festibière-2feeling. Perfect for the heat under the Fest’s tents.

3-Dieu du Ciel
Tasted: Solstice d’été, a sour wheat beer with raspberries

German inspired sour wheat beer. It is very bitter beer with intense fruit flavours with not enough fizz for my taste. Probably more in bottle than tap. The brewer says he uses raspberries, but it tastes much more of maraschino cherries. It’s acid, very tart and definitely sweetened with artificial flavours. But those who like, love! Just for the experience in taste, this Solstice d’été is really worthwhile.

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