You Must Drive to La Roulotte du Coin

I love duck; it’s my favourite kind of meat. There’s something about the taste and texture that charms me every time. Not too strong of a taste, but enough to stand out with heavier sauces. When cooked slowly, duck become grandiose and its high protein/low-fat meat breaks down perfectly in a sandwich or salad.

My love for duck has recently crossed paths with a small farm in Ste-Famille on l’Île d’Orleans called La Ferme d’OC. Its owner Jean-François Émond raises geese and duck out of passion for their meat. In 2012, he started La Roulotte du Coin, a small food truck-inspired stand that sells dishes made primarily from the farm’s animals. The Roulotte is a typical casse-croute located at the entrance of La Ferme d’OC and offers dishes like foie gras poutine, hot ducks, pulled ducks sandwiches, burgers and homemade iced tea. A place you must visit on your next trip to l’Île d’Orléans.

One of the biggest deceptions I have from most restaurateurs in the region is a lack of authenticity. Need I repeat myself and say that Quebec City is brimming with restaurants?! Giving extra attention to detail and offering, such as, a unique recipe for a simple beverage like iced tea or lemonade can easily add to a customer’s experience (especially mine!). When I see items like these on the menu, I always ask if they’re homemade. A yes always gets a smile! Well, la Roulotte du Coin has its own variety of soft drinks made with local-grown fruit syrups and a superb, not-too-sweet honey and lavender iced tea. I loved it.

The plat de resistance, the sandwich that warmed my heart and that deserves recognition for high quality of meat: the pulled duck sandwich! A sweet, bbq sauce with-a-litte-quack meat layered between two fresh, poppy seed buns. The sandwich is served with their unique fries: an unpeeled, island grown variety fried in duck fat. The potato caramelises, crisps nicely on the outside and stays smooth and creamy on the inside.

Now imagine these fries for the foie gras poutine: veal stock/foie gras sauce, lots of cheese curds and humongous pieces of seared foie gras delicately mounted on top. It’s decadent!

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