Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle France 2014

Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle France have begun. This means that untilProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset August 10th, the Petit Champlain is dressed up to celebrate “the ingeniosity and the creativity of the New France settlers”.

Every year, I visit their Food and Flavours Market. It’s a great opportunity to discover new products and local producers. If you decide to head on downtown and take part in the celebrations, here are some musts of this 15-booth market.

Yes, I have tasted something from every booth. And believe me, there are traps to avoid. If you don’t read about it here, it’s not worth the taste. Here are my top three booths.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetKÉVY
Love their sausages. I have a friend who lives out in Crabtree near Joliette and she introduced me to these sausages almost ten years ago. They used to be sold frozen at the local 7/11 near her place and were always part of our Sunday morning brunches. You must try the bison and/or their wild boar sausages. I don’t think there is any other skin-free sausage this good.


Probably the province’s most renowned ice cream. It’s the perfect feel good treat for your kids. And, well, the perfect maple sugar high for anyone who wants to live dangerously: maple ice cream, maple butter and maple nuggets. Oh-so-good! Beware of the food porn below.


If you haven’t yet tasted their products, today is the day. This cheese factory, located on the south shore of Quebec City, makes one of the province’s best grilling cheese. You must try the Fleur Saint-Michel made with garlic flower. If ever you want to take a road trip to their boutique on the 132, try their lemon ice cream and marshmallow chocolate cookies, to die for!

Click here for the full list of the producers of the Fêtes de la Nouvelles France’s market.

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