PRESSTRIP: Griffintown, Montreal

Food is my life. really?

I can be moved by food, I can feel joy, frustration and even sadness. All that because of food. And I can get hangry, especially when I’m traveling.

When I’m traveling, I like to prepare a list of cool spots I can stop along the way. I google my way to a destination and can research hours on end before hitting the road. No golden Ms, nah-huh. I don’t even think it’s real food. I look for original, small, local and creative destinations.

I travel a lot for food. It’s one of the many reasons I started this blog. I wanted to share with you reader/traveller, and resident of Quebec City, the best local experience. Because, when I plan a trip, that is exactly what I look for. I ALWAYS check out the local foodie blogs. I recommend you do the same for all your travels.

I hope it’s the reason you ended up here on


Shopping on Ste-Catherine’s street just a few steps away from the Germain Montreal

I was recently invited by the hotel group Germain to spend two nights in Montreal, a 275 km trip away from my hometown Quebec City. I lived four years in Montreal. I know my way around the city, but even so I would never turn down an opportunity to add a few hot spots to my address book.

The invitation included two nights in two different hotels owned by the Germain Group. A weekend the organizers called “Montréal en deux temps”. My partner Marie-Eve was also invited. Two for two in two.

The first night we spent at Le Germain Montreal on Mansfield Street. A chic, recently renovated establishment located near the McGill University Campus. An evening where every little attention made us feel like very important guests. From the shower gel to the pillow chocolates, free tea in the lobby with breakfast included, the Germain is a must if you wish to experience classy comfort away from home.

Dinner was served at the Laurie Raphaël, the hotel’s restaurant. The first Laurie Raphaël restaurant opened in Quebec City. It is named after Chef and owner Daniel Vézina’s children. Hakim Rahal is head master at Montreal’s location.

Ze octopus!
Ze octopus!

Tuna, porc and octopus were on the menu. Without any exaggeration, the octopus was one of the best I have eaten thus far. Its texture similar resembled that of vacuum-sealed, slow-cooked meat, tender and served to perfection. So good, that this dish alone was worth the 275 km drive.

We spent the second evening at the ALT hotel in Griffintown, the newest boutique-hotel concept by the Germain Group. The ALT is a true metropolitan hotel: high ceilings, massive windows and designed with a minimalist approach. The materials resemble those of the neighbourhood. Griffintown is industrial, vibrant and colourful. Definitely my kind of hotel!

Coming up: A Foodie tour of Griffitown … making sure you don’t get hangry on your next roadtrip to Griffintown.

A HUGE thank you to Tourism Montreal for all these awesome gifts!

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