A Food Truck in a Vineyard on Île d’Orléans

PM2-10During summertime, I very seldom cook food in the oven. I rather play with food on the BBQ. But, for some unexplainable reason, my partner likes to cook blueberry muffins on hot summer days, especially on 40 degree celsius days. For you my american friends, that’s over 100 fahrenheit! I think she has masochistic tendencies.

I like to eat out on extra hot days, and I especially like to eat vegetables. The crispy, juicy sensation of a well cooked leafy green somehow cools me down.

This week was particularly hot in Quebec City. A week of humid, damp, thick and heavy air that got me begging for a cool veggie-filled breeze. One of the best places to get a cool breeze and fresh veggies around Quebec City is the Panache Mobile. Either the Brown or Île d’Orléans location.

The original Panache Mobile (PM1) food truck is located on l’Île d’Orléans and parked at the Sainte-Petronille Vineyard. Come rain or come shine, it has one of the region’s most romantic setting-and one helluva lobster roll. This location of the Panache Mobile is, for now, the region’s most popular food truck. Thanks to Auberge Saint-Antoine, I was invited to have a bite of the excitement.

Last year I tasted the PM2. You can read about it here.

The braised beef poutine


The menu is adapted to seasonal produce. At the time of my visit, asparagus was queen. At least it was treated as so in my plate. Crisp, juicy, perfectly seasoned asparagus served with hazelnuts, parmesan and sun-dried raisins tossed in arugula and in a light pancetta vinaigrette.

But it’s the cucumber soup that made my body temperature drop by at least five degrees. A light cucumber purée combined with a touch of coco milk and sprinkled with mint-flavoured oil.  It doesn’t get any more fresh!

Braised short rib poutine. beef. cheese. gravy. outrageously good.

The pièce de résistance, the star of the PM1: the lobster roll. Huge chunks of Québécois lobster tossed in a light aioli and decorated with guacamole. The bread is by baker Eric Borderon and made especially for their lobster rolls.
19,95$ and well worth every penny.

The PM1 is located on a winery. Do take advantage of the pairings offered just two steps away from your table. I paired my roll with the slight oak finish and creamy, enveloping taste of the Bout de l’Île Reserve seduced me.

It’ll probably seduce you too. PM3 is coming soon. Location to be determined.


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