REVIEW: Bistro B

It’s the third time I eat at Bistro B. I’ve had dinner, brunch and lunch at this Montcalm favourite. The first time was magnificent; you can read about the Bistro B’s marvellous sweetbread here. Unfortunately, my two last experiences have left a sour taste in my mouth. I’m beginning to think Chef François Blais has left the building.

My experience with Bistro B for brunch was a very unpleasing one. The service left me cold, and the lack of detail, creativity and flavours in my plate disappointed me greatly for the price I paid. A generous pain brioché with too much cinnamon, granular whipped cream and an unpleasant service- and I’m holding back my words. Oh! and the ambience for two o’clock in the afternoon on a Sunday? Hard rock. Our first visit featured Top 40 pop hits played from an unevenly sounding mp3 player. Both tell me that the music at Bistro B is left unsupervised.

And no, the third time was not a charm.

We ordered the menu du jour, cod and Pho. The fish was undercooked, the carrot purée tasted like burned carrots -not the good kind of burnt- the Pho had an over excessive amount of anise and basil leaves that were definitely used to hide the greasy taste of the broth. No plate to be seen on any table around us in order to set aside the excessive use of herbs. We were not even given a plate for the bread!

Here’s something else that I was bothered with: a Pho served without chopsticks. How do you eat Pho without chopsticks? To think that you can easily find a full bag at Emballage de la Capitale for under 5$!

For dessert, we shared a millefeuille garnished with a side of chocolate mousse and ice cream. The millefeuille’s dough tasted like my fridge, and I have Vieux Panet in there! The dessert plate was definitely left overnight and uncovered in their fridge which sucked-up the floating flavours around. If not for the foul taste of the dough, this dessert could have been fantastic. Even the coffee was aggressively bitter.

The bill came out to 50$ for two appetizers, two entrées, and a dessert for two. No drinks!

Three visits at Bistro B and I have not once seen Chef François Blais in the kitchen. Two colleagues have told me the same thing. Where is the Chef?

Someone desperately needs to tell him that he has left his restaurant to unsupervised children!

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