FoodCamp Quebec 2014

10154948_647063978693928_808950136038841519_nI’ve finally stepped down from my FoodCamp Quebec high, located somewhere between cloud no.9 and 7th heaven.

FoodCamp Quebec is a daylong food show that takes place in Quebec City. This year, the Château Frontenac hosted the event. It featured some of the province’s most renowned chefs, food samples, local producers, kiosques, more food and …foodies! 500 people attended.

A main stage was set up and dedicated to the chefs where they each in turn presented a dish. The best part: cooking tips–Hollandaise can be done in a blender, gravlax is better with Ungava gin and homemade cheese is possible with 3,25% milk! Having Marie-Chantal Lepage, Anne Desjardins, Patrice Demers, Jérôme Ferrer, Martin Juneau, Stephane Roth, Stephane Modat, Louis Bouchard, Danny St-Pierre and Baptiste Peupion cooking on a stage and sharing their personal tips is an emotion-filled experience. My taste buds weeped of pleasure more than a few times.

No specific themes were given to the chefs by the organiser, no food limitations either, but the cooking had to be done in under 45 minutes. From 9 to 6pm, there were 10 chefs; the near 500 of us attending tasted every single recipe cooked by them….WHAT???!!!??? YES dahhhling, everything! How could you not want  to attend?

It was my first time. I love firsts. I ate like a pig—the same the Pied Bleu’s chef Louis Bouchard presented! Check out the amazing event pictures here.

FoodCamp Quebec is a well-organised event that created much jealousy in the virtual community all day long. Take that Montreal #FoodCampQC rocks! Mark your calendars for next year, because with this year’s success (tickets sold within minutes of being put online) the fourth edition is bound to be a blast! Follow FoodCampQC here!

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