EVENT: Poutine Carnaval

2nd edition
menu 2nd edition

The Carnaval de la Poutine is currently underway at all Cochon Dingue restaurant locations in Quebec City. And for your benefit, I have tasted every single poutine presented on this second edition’s menu. Yes, 8 poutines in all, plus last year’s Queen of the Carnaval, the breakfast poutine! It would have taken me a whole day of running to burn all these calories. Oh the sacrifices for you! ;p

I enjoy going to the Cochon Dingue restaurants, but some locations lack in consistency. And not all locations offer the same version of a dish even if it’s relatively the same menu for all locations. For example, the breakfast oatmeal. I know that the Lebourgneuf location has the better version and that it’s the Petit-Champlain that offers the best steak/frites. René-Lévesque has the better tartiflette. The same applies to the Carnaval de la Poutine. The menu is the same, but the Chefs have the liberty to modify/adapt the poutines with secret ingredients. I tasted the René-Levesque poutines.

PoutineReguliereMy coup de cœur from the Carnaval de la Poutine menu? The sauce of the regular poutine! The secret ingredient here comes all the way from Thailand. It also happens to be my favourite cuisine umph-er: sambal oelek!

My vote for this second edition’s Queen poutine goes out to the Tout Cochon. It’s a little sweet, but with its bacon-rolled sausages, I felt like a child digging in an x-mas buffet! It is served with a generous portion of pulled porc, BBQ and regular sauce mixed in one and topped with the wonderful cheddar of the Perron family.

Have your say; the Carnaval de la Poutine is underway until April 13 at all Cochon Dingue locations. And don’t forget to vote for the Queen of your palate!

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