NEWS: Coming Soon, Légende par La Tanière

Another five-diamond-rated restaurant is opening a sister location in Quebec City this spring. Owners of La Tanière, located on the outskirts of Ste-Foy, have decided to set foot into the downtown core of the city. St-Paul Street, here comes serious competition.

Karen Therrien & Frédéric Laplante, owners of La Tannière
Karen Therrien & Frédéric Laplante, owners of La Tannière
©Allison Van Rassel

When Chef Frédéric Laplante and his life partner Karen Therrien received the news of a fifth diamond this fall, they had just decided they were going to close La Tanière forever. Thirty-six years of efforts were about to end. Then came an e-mail informing them of a long awaited, hard-worked and well-deserved recognition: a fifth diamond from the CAA/AAA.  They went ahead and renovated their restaurant as well as expand the kitchen. And now that gastronomes of the world are eager to taste their talent, they are setting table for a new adventure.

Légende (par la Tannière) will open its doors on St-Paul Street in the antiques district of dowtown Quebec City in May. For you locals, it’s where the Belgian bistro Môss used to be. Their idea is a 60-seat restaurant with a more urban version of their Tanière menu. humm. What that translates to? Time will tell, but I know local flavours and molecular creativity are to be expected, Chef Laplante’s strengths. Heston Blumenthal is his inspiration.


Légende par La Tanière
255 rue St-Paul, Québec, G1K3W5
(418) 614-2555
Visit their Facebook

Si vous désirez en apprendre davantage sur ce que représente cinq diamants pour les restaurants La Tanière et Le Patriarche, écoutez ceci.

5 thoughts

      1. Thanks Allison,I am planning a little jaunt to QCity soon. I will check out the new Resto.

  1. An interesting experience.i didn’t feel that La Legende is up to the standards of la tanniere To be fair, they had not been opened long. A few items sold out( our reservation was for 7), nice wine pairings , knowledgeable wait person, appalling translation of the French menu into English( no excuse).We will check in again in the fall.

    1. Helen, that’s unfortunate. My partner and I were there on opening evening. We could tell that the staff needed a little adjustment, but the meal was fantastic. We went back again for lunch; I had the best sea urchin in town! The produce was fresh, the presentation flawless and the wine pairings perfect. Surprisingly the bill wasn’t too expensive, especially for the quality of food. But we were two. Seven is a definite challenge, but doesn’t excuse these experienced restaurateurs. I appreciate you letting me know of your experience. Am looking forward to the Fall. Be well, Allison.

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