RIP Coop des Grands Rangs and La Luncheonette

**Update June, 2014 The location has re-opened under a new name: Fromagerie des Grondines et ses amis. They sell relatively the same local products and also cook grilled cheese sandwiches. This time they are baked by NOrmand Lefebvre and his team from the Cafée Crak Grill-Cheese, previsouly located on the corner of 18th street and the 1st avenue in Limoilou.

Less than two years after its opening, la Coop des Grands Rangs is going out of business. Poor financial management and cost overruns are to blame. “This closure has nothing to do with a disinterest in our terroir,” says Mathieu Brisson Chef and co-owner of Le Clocher Penché who managed La Luncheonette, the grilled-cheese sandwich counter located inside the Coop.

So sad to see this one-stop-shop of small Quebec producers leave Saint-Roch. But the products still exist and most of them can be found at Maché du Vieux-Port, Morena, Le Crac, J.A. Moisan and Provisions on Cartier.

Now where will I find Quebec City’s best lemonade, Chef Eric Fontaine’s grand-mother’s doughnuts, Clocher Penché’s ready-to-eat cassoulet?


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