Wendake’s Brunch Buffet Treat


When comes time to choose a place to host a group of people for a good Sunday all-you-can-eat brunch buffet in Quebec City, the choice is slim. And for most of the options, you must exit the city centre. I’ve tasted these options in the Quebec City area, from Deschambault to Lac-Beauport and Vanier, I looked for the best deal possible, that is to say where the food is the tastiest, offering the finest quality ingredients, also known for service and originality of its site. And I found it! The offer stands out the most, is the restaurant La Traite. My favourite spot for a all-you-can-eat brunch buffet in Quebec City is La Traite.

La Traite is the Hotel Musée Premières Nation’s restaurant in Wendake, an Amerindian village of the Huron-Wendat Nation, a 15-minute drive from the downtown Quebec City. The restaurant has been open for five years, and many tourists now come to Wendake only to taste the cuisine of its reputable Chef Martin Gagné.

As for many places I’ve traveled to, I recognize traditions through cuisine. In my opinion, La Traite offers the most authentic Amerindian cuisine traditions of the greater Quebec City area. The restaurant’s menu consists mainly of products from the boreal forest including game meat, fish, plants, mushrooms and wild berries. Their Sunday brunch buffet is definitely not set aside.

The offer is generous: meat pies, baked beans venison, wild boar terrine, smoked wild salmon, smoked mackerel, bannock bread, venison stew, etc. I even ate the best smoked herring of my life thus far. I would go back any day just for their smoked fish.

The brunch  also includes breakfast classics such as sausages, bacon and scrambled eggs. And there is no fake or diluted maple syrup at this table! Only the real deal. There’s also a choice of homemade strawberry/raspberry jam, creton and croissants.


In the purest of their traditions, Amerindian cuisine doesn’t include dessert. Couldn’t tell by their dessert table. You can gain a pound just by looking at it ! I sacrificed my tastebuds and tasted everything on it. What I wouldn’t do for the benefit of your reading this… It all tasted so real, of real cream and fruits: cheese pie, puffs, carrot cake and cupcakes. The macarons were not Hermé, but perfect for the youngest at heart.

Bon appétit !


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