REVIEW: Panache Mobile PM2

Panache Mobile PM2, Brown Bassin
Panache Mobile PM2, Brown Bassin

PM2 is one of the very few food trucks in Quebec City.  Yes, Quebec City has food trucks. It’s the second Panache Mobile and well into its second season.

But, it’s not your typical food truck, because it’s parked! It sits at the Brown Bassin in Quebec City’s old port. Why is it parked? Because food trucks are not (yet) allowed to roam the streets of Quebec City. The city council ruled on that just this past Spring.

But l’Auberge Saint-Antoine, which owns and operates the two Panache Mobiles, has found a way around these regulations–much to this foodie’s rejoice! They’ve parked an old-school cantina alongside the St-Lawrence River. Why can they do it? Because they are renting a piece of land owned by the Port of Quebec. The site features a terrace alongside a bike path, restrooms and easy parking.

On the menu: the best lobster roll in town! Betcha’ll want a taste of this.

You’ll also find mini pulled porc burgers, slender and salted-to-perfection french fries served with truffle mayo, cold cuts and cheese. Chef Julien Dumas is sure to please your hunger with fresh and tasty products. Auberge Saint-Antoine is one of the few  rooftop vegetable gardens in the city. **The menu varies during summer. Some items on the pictures below may no longer be available.

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You can find Auberge Saint-Antoine’s first food truck, the PM1 (Panache Mobile 1), at the Ste-Petronille Vineyard on l’île d’Orléans. It’s the most romantic of both PM locations. I hear it’s a popular site for wedding proposals.

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