FOOD FEST: Festival des fromagers artisans

Because I love cheese. Who doesn’t when the best cheese in the world is made right here in this beautiful province.

We drove down to La Pocatière which is about 1h30 from Quebec City on the 20 eastbound, we then parked at a 30-minute walk from the site (the road was blocked by firefighter trucks) and waited in line for TWO HOURS before we could get a snippet of a piece of cheese. All I’ll say is that the organizers didn’t expect that many visitors: 22,500 people showed up during the two-day event vs 5,000 from the previous edition. Quebecois love cheese! But I found one exceptional piece of cheese.

Radio-Canada host of the afternoon show Michel Lamarche gave me a personal challenge (or did I offer the challenge…humm) taste every single piece of cheese and come back with my favourite. Veni, vindi, vici ‘sti! 😉

Here are the results of a beautiful summer day in La Pocatière at the Fromagerie Le Mouton Blanc, host of this year’s edition of the Festival des fromages artisanaux québécois.

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Le Pionnier is the lucky winner of my personal best. A cheese made from a blend of raw milk from both sheep and cow. Turns out this cheese won best in its category for the CASEUS. Guess my palate is not too shabby!
I paired it with a glass of Moscato d’Asti and it fit perfectly. Santé!

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