Cheese Fest Detour to Victoriaville

Cheese please!
Cheese please!

It was once called the Festival des fromages de Warwick and used to be the biggest of its kind in the province. Now, it is known as the Festival des fromages fins de Victoriaville—it moved to the neighbouring city and no longer includes artisan cheesemakers of the Association des fromagers artisans du Québec (Association of Quebec Cheesemakers now have their own cheese fest called the Festival des fromages artisanaux québécois!). So we left the city Friday night for Victoriaville. An hour and a half later and 15$ to get in the Pavillon des Sports, we were stuffing our faces with cheese. 

Here are the coup de cœurs of my visit at this year’s Festival des fromages fins de Victoriaville. **Notice how only one cheese made its way in there.

Whiskey & green pepper deer rillette
Whiskey & green pepper deer rillette

1- Whiskey & green pepper deer rillette, Cerfs rouges Clément Labrecque. It’s the first product I tried. I was blown away by the tender taste of the meat. 90% of the products they use are from Quebec and they raise their deer with 100% natural products, no antibioctics, no GMO’s.

2- Grilling cheese Le Saint-Vallier, La Fromagerie du Terroir de Bellechasse. A lot less salty than any other cheese that grills. No more Doré-mi for me.

A selection of beers from Le Grimoire brewery

3- Ginger Tamari & wasabi sauce, Érabeille Artisan. A little bitter at first, and then…umph! Nice. I’m sure this could be an excellent sauce to freeze your chicken breasts in.

4- La vie de château beer, from le Grimoire brewery. An amber beer with dark rum. A subtle vanilla flavour tempted my taste buds to a second serving. In general, I do not like beer, but I’m a fan of dark rum. The second serving was much colder and was very refreshing.

5- Wild boar terrine with port and prunes, Ducs de Montrichard. Presented to me on a host (love it!) I was expecting a pronounced wild boar taste. Delicate, subtle port and prunes brought a sweet satiny feeling to my bite. I would serve this any day along with a glass of La vie de Château.

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