REVIEW: La Luncheonette

Never underestimate the power of a grilled-cheese sandwich. Its basic ingredients: two slices of bread and cheese. It just so happens that this province is pretty good with cheese, and that some of the finest bread artisans are in and around Quebec city.


Located inside the Coopérative les grands rangs on the corner of Caron/Saint-Joseph streets in Saint-Roch, La Luncheonette offers a few varieties of grilled cheese sandwiches. The restaurant across the street, le Clocher Penché, owns La Luncheonette. Not surprising to see the same great quality ingredients, all from local producers.

La Lunchonette
The Blackburn

You can listen to my “best grilled cheese sandwich ” in Quebec City list for Radio-Canada, here. You find out where the best traditional recipes are offered as well as where you can sink your teeth in the most original grilled-cheese sandwich in Quebec City. It’s in French.

I had the Blackburn/Jonquière: spiced bacon, chopped mushrooms, diced potatoes melted with Blackburn cheese from the Saguenay—a firm, pale yellow, non-cooked cheese).  I also tried the duck fat chips and popcorn (paprika and curry blend seasoning) as well as one of their two homemade slush: Labrador tea flavoured lemonade. One visit and you’ll be under their spell.

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